CurioDachi: The Two-Player Activity Book!

Pairing nostalgic prompts with fun activities, CurioDachi is a multi-player activity book that tasks its two readers to come together and learn more about one another through sharing stories from childhood.

5.5” x 8.5”, 28 pages

[Design, Illustration, Writing]


Red, White, & Blue! A Card Catalog

An interactive exploration of the symbolism behind red, white, and blue flags, breaking down what these colors mean around the world to celebrate the different ways people can see the same things.

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    5” x 3”, 102 cards

    25” x 15”, double-sided

[Design, Curation, Branding]


The Olympic Pictogram: A Compendium

A publication chronicling the rich history of Olympic pictogram design from Tokyo 1964 to Tokyo 2020, sharing the story of how universal design can be used to transcend language barriers while preserving cultural identity.

10” x 10”, 118 pages

[Design, Curation]


Wednesday Comes After Tuesday

A young writer who suffers from chronic overthinking craves to live for what he wants as opposed to what his anxiety tells him he can have in this short story.

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5” x 7.5”, 39 pages

[Writing, Design]


Heal the Bay Brand Identity

Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit that advocates for keeping the watersheds of Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean. This brand identity concept pays homage to the collaborative strength of the ocean as an ecosystem, expressed visually through small elements coming together to form a communal whole. Inspired by viewing the ocean from an airplane window.

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[Design, Branding]


Hey, New York: Postcard Set

A set of collectable postcards amassing the many memorably absurd moments of HBO’s docu-comedy series, How To with John Wilson.

    6” x 4”, 100 postcards

[Design, Curation, Branding]



An interactive installation designed to spark anonymous, ephemeral conversations. By writing on small notepads on the wall of a communal space, users are encouraged to chat with those around them, despite never knowing who they’re talking to. Inspired by the anonymous doodles scrawled upon our high school desks.

    3.5” x 5”

    18” x 24”

Questions.101 Book
   12” x 9”, 36 pages

[Design, Illustration, Writing, Branding]


Fishing Field Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A pocket-sized field guide made for the Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, compiling various in-game statistics for all 80 catchable fish species.

4.5” x 5.5”, 60 pages

[Design, Curation]


True Patriot Bumper Stickers

Designed to show off your true colors, these bumper stickers poke fun at the contradictory nature of American patriotism through satire, humor, and subversion. Compatible with any and all political agendas.

10 designs, various sizes

[Design, Writing]